Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Creative Story - Anonymous


We don’t know the person who submitted the following responses. We don’t know where in the world he or she live. Creativity is obviously important enough to the individual to take the time to fill out my online questionnaire ( Perhaps he/she is Everyman/woman representing you and me.
What does creativity mean to you?
We are all creative beings. Our lives are our creation and we choose how to live them.

What is your creative passion? How do you approach it?
I'm still struggling with finding it but I enjoy finding the beauty in things and making my surrounding aesthetically pleasing.

Describe the feeling you have when heavily into a creative activity you love.
I lose track of time. I don't think of anything else because I'm emotionally fulfilled and satisfied. I feel full.

What does the creative process do you, or for, you?
It's the only time I'm truly "in the moment." It gives me peace and fulfillment.

How have you fulfilled your own creative urges?
I'm still trying to figure that out. I try to do something artistic or creative everyday.

What do you do to satisfy your soul?
Meditation and quiet help me to get centered. Music and art inspire me.

How are you creative in your life?
I try to squeeze in creativity into any free time I have, whether that be decorating my house, coloring with my daughter, doodling, or writing about anything on my mind.

Who has inspired you in your life to achieve your potential? How?
Unfortunately my parents weren't available to be as supportive as I needed them to be but I had great coaches and friends growing up who supported me and loved me which helped me to realize that my potential is endless.

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