Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Creative Story: Dianne Linderman


Dianne and I met at her Book Fair America booth in New York in June, 2005. Subsequently, she interviewed me about creativity on her radio show.

Among her many accomplishments, entrepreneur par excellence Dianne owns several restaurants, runs rental properties, writes books for children as well as cook books, created The First Moms Club, helps people develop their businesses, and hosts a weekly radio show, to boot. Obviously, she believes anything is possible.

What does creativity mean to you?
Creativity means to me the discovery of life.

What is your creative passion? How do you approach it?
My passion is to help others to be entrepreneurial which helps them have a the freedom to be themselves. I approach everything with a vision, and I don\'t let anyone make me doubt myself or my dreams.

Describe the feeling you have when heavily into a creative activity you love.
I feel that I am growing in everyway possible.

What does the creative process do you, or for, you?
It makes me have a since of freedom.

How have you fulfilled your own creative urges?
Everyday, I my urges are fulfilled, and then new creative urges are put before me!

What do you do to satisfy your soul?
I believe creativity is a gift, so I share it with others.

How are you creative in your life?
I have found that being an entrepreneur is my way of being creative, so I start business, and I help others to learn about entrepreneurship. I am also a writer, and have written seven books.

Four of the books teaches kids how to become entrepreneurial. I own seven business, and I don't leave my kids at daycare. Building a business is very creative, and sometimes, it grows into a multi-million dollars company.

Who has inspired you in your life to achieve your potential? How?
My Father has given me the inspiration to become myself and never let anyone spoil my care free spirit. He did not treat me like a girl, even though I had four brothers, he always told me I could become anything I wanted!


For more information about her books, store, club and other business and to listen to some of Dianne’s previous radio programs, follow the prompts on her website: Diane can be reached by email at by Picasa

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