Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Creative Story: Joan Evelyn Ongodia


Share your inspiring story about why you love what you do, how it is creative and how you got to do it.

My story is about my career and about the great exhibition that I made.

I am studying engineering at university. I love it because it’s practical and entails creativity.

I exhibited cooking using the sun's energy. To me, it was something really simple...I was so overjoyed that it thrilled many and, wow, I emerged as the best exhibitor!!!

All I did was simply get 2 boxes, foil, newspaper, a black surface and I had a solar oven!

You get 2 boxes, one fitting inside the other and fill newspaper crumbs in the space between them. Place the black surface at the bottom of the smaller box, and line its sides with foil. Make a concave reflector using cardboard and cover it with foil. Then you have a solar oven/cooker ready for use!!

If you have successfully changed careers several times, tell us what you have done and why. How did you get the courage to do it?

I have not changed careers, but I love the career I am pursuing. I got the courage to do it by simply believing that I could do it and succeed. There is power in belief!

In what way(s) are you creative-thinking in your private or professional life?
By letting my mind to freely brainstorm at all times.

Describe how you have approached a specific problem in a creative way.

I personally had great fear for challenges. This I approached by first of all looking at my heroes; in particular, those that have done what I am doing. I then looked at my past successes and so in myself, "someone" with great potential. This drove me to believe in myself.

What creative interests or projects have you been involved with lately?
Making a solar oven/cooker on my faculty's 6th annual open day. It was great!

How might you define the term 'Creative X-Spot TM'?
It is that rare bit of anyone. It is an extraordinary "bit" of someone. In it new ideas are born to the mind and once let out, it pays handsomely.Describe how you followed a 'hunch' to successful creative conclusion.It was with my exhibition. Time had run out before I had made the oven, I also did not get enough funding for my project. I almost gave up, but just then I desired to see my oven move many, so all I did was be flexible and I eventually made it!

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