Friday, November 17, 2006

My Creative Story - Bobbie Dahdi


Bobbie left her music record company to become a journalist and writer. Her short story “Look at Me,” is part of a collection in Mordecai’s First Brush with Love. You can read a story by Bobbie online at

Do you have an interesting story to tell about how you are creative in your life?
Being a very practical person, there was little room for creative play once I grew too old to play (in my teens).

Suffering cancer was my wake-up call. I began to see that I can try to live any life I want - it's legit to be airy-fairy writerly. I have had a short play and some short stories published and am working on a first novel. I have just completed a Certificate in Novel Writing at City University. A couple of years back, I took the Writer's Mentor Program through Humber University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Have you successfully changed careers several times? Why? How did you get the courage to do it?
I added journalism to the business of manufacturing music that I was already involved in. My specialist subject was France and this grew to French economics.

I became editor and writer of INVEST IN FRANCE magazine for the French government, UK correspondent for the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce's magazine and freelancer for THE ECONOMIST, TELEGRAPH and especially CORPORATE LOCATION.

Prior to that, I changed from PA to Entrepreneur when I set up our music industry business. Regarding courage:

1. Change to business woman - sold idea and found a backer

2. Change to journalist - husband took over running of most aspects of business, allowing me more time to experiment with writing and selling journalistic ideas

3. Change to novelist - cancer and facing own mortality.

Are you creative-thinking in your personal or professional life? Tell us about it.
My head buzzes with ideas - business and creative - the whole time.

My problem is selecting which are the good ones.

For instance, the other night I thought a book of articles celebrating creative women and telling their stories would be a good thing - I expect you've had the same idea. It'd be a joy to do - and could even become a series - but it would take away from the time I'm spending on my novel right now.

I have other novel ideas backing up like planes waiting for a runway slot. So I don't know if the Celebration idea will ever get going.

How might you define the term "Creative X-SpotTM?” Humorous definitions accepted.
A delicious tingling.
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Great Job Bobbie, Im proud of you!