Monday, August 13, 2007

Your Creative Story - Introduction

“How does creativity fit into your life?” I asked. “Tell me your creative story.”
I posted questionnaires, sent out scores of e-mails and linked to creativity sites. Heartfelt responses came pouring in from around the world.

From “Anonymous” to “Zacarro;” from medical specialist to record company executive; from jazz singer to horsewoman, we discover how very diverse people - of various ages and from different parts of the world - stoke their unique creative fires.

You will be inspired by these individuals – including the submissions of husband and wife – whose thought-provoking personal stories are included on this website.

These most extraordinary people reveal the very secrets of their individual creativity.

Many make concrete suggestions as to how to be more creative. Some write about their frustrations as well as their successes. Many speak of the importance of supportive people in their lives. Some detail the heartbreaking road along which they have travelled. They all share a part of their private lives with warmth and honesty.

Each one has touched my heart. I believe yours will be touched, as well.

Be ready to become inspired, motivated and moved. Just click on any of the names listed below. Enjoy reading these stories, be ever creative, and, most of all, relish and celebrate the creative process.

And, if you are stoking your heart’s creative fire, I invite you to share your creativity and insights - and light creative fire for others: send your creative story. You can use the Creativity Questionnaire in the right sidebar as a guide.

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To read a particular profile, click on any name. This list and links will be constantly updated.
Amanda - Australia

Anonymous – Anywhere, Earth

Harry van Bommel - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Roberto Cantù A - Metepec, Estado de Mexico

Cettina Sylvia Catlin Cantù - Metepec, Estado de Mexico

Violette Clark - Surrey, British Columbia

Vida Cropas - New Brunswick, Canada

Bobbie Dahdi - United Kingdom

Sherri Dickson - Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA

Elaine Rosemary Edie Froese - Boissevain, Manitoba, Canada

Nellie Jacobs - Toronto and Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

Vivian Jeanette Kaplan - Ontario, Canada

Dianne Linderman - Grants Pass, Oregon,USA

Michele Mele – Ontario, Canada

Sue Mitchell – Toronto, Canada

Rosalie Moscoe - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Monica Narula - Ahmedabad, India

Julie M. Ocean - Sunbury, Ohio, USA 

 Sandy Tobias Offenheim - "Tangled Socks and Wool"

Joan Evelyn Ongodia - Jinja , Uganda, East Africa 

Sean Michael Paddison – Ontario, Canada

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